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sooo today i figured out how i was gonna redo my room and i did it but everything is all over the place and it's a mess and i dont know i'm exhausted and i hurt and my thumb hurts cause i had to redo pics on my wall cause i have to clear the whole wall and that was a mess and thumb tacks dig into your skin when you push them in. but i'm tired cause we(manda jaclyn my mom and i) went to seven-eleven at like 11 and met up with matt and sat there talkin for like a long ass time and it was crazy and there was this guy on his cell phone that kept going on and on bout what was goin on and what was wrong he was really gettin into it and he was loud.then there was this guy trying to pay and he had counterfeit money and the cashier said he couldn't so he had to call his wife and get her out there and pay it was hilarious and i have to say i love ma for sittin there and waiting.
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